Double-Heh: Halacha and Hashkafa

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First, you will need to register in two steps:


Step 1: Open the Registration Form and enter your information:



Step 2: Download the “Simanim 1-6” file for personal study:



When you feel you are ready, go to the link for the “Quick Quiz”. [The Quiz includes 12 short questions and you may only take it once. Make sure that you have enough time before beginning (5-7 minutes) since once you begin there is no option to pause and finish the quiz at a latter time.]



Scores of over 75% will have completed the Registration Process to the Chaburah.


Anyone who has completed registration will receive an email with a private link and will be eligible to download a full file of Mishna Brura Hamevurar 1-2 and a set of the LY Audio Hashkafah Shiurim, series 1 – both free of charge.


The Double-Heh Chaburah Zmanim


The Chaburah will officially progress in limud halachah according to three Zmanim per year. The goal of each Zman is to complete one entire section of Mishna Brura Hamevurar. This can be done by learning during the Zman at the approximate rate of 1 page of Mishna Brura Hamevurar per day – not including Shabbat. In this way, it is possible to become proficient in all the most applicable halachot in the Mishna Brura in less than two years.


Zman 1: Tevet-Shevat-Adar
Zman 2: Iyar-Sivan-Tamuz
Zman 3: Elul-Cheshvan-Kislev


During the Zman a pre-taped short video Shiur will i”y Hashem¬†and bl”n be available each week, connected to the halachot in Mishna Brura Hamevurar that correspond to that week. The Shiur will also include an idea in Hashkafah;¬†however, the time-frame for listening to the Hashkafah Series will not be connected to any specific dates.


Participants may also email questions that they would like to be answered in the upcoming weekly shiur, to the email address listed at the bottom of this page.


Any member of the Chaburah who completes an entire file of Mishna Brura Hamevurar or the Hashkafah Shiurim successfully, will be eligible for a Sponsorship of a Seudat Siyum to celebrate the occassion, b’ezrat Hashem.


May all Participants have much Hatzlacha and Siyata D’Shmaya to graduate successfully.


For any questions or notifications: